About me

I am a bit wordy. So that I don’t bore you with paragraphs and paragraphs, here’s a nifty little list about me:

I am a mother of three

I am the author of ‘But…there’s love’, a book of poetry

My friends mean the world to me

I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (Nu Zeta Spring 2000)

I LOVE food but I’m a picky eater (my list of what I do eat is a lot shorter than what I don’t eat)

I have a Bachelor of Science in History


I can’t sing but I sing all the time

I love cardigans

I value my family

I feel like my birthday is a holiday

I love the Atlanta Falcons (RISE UP!!)

I don’t like folding white clothes (I’m not sure what this is about but don’t judge me)

Words, paper and pens make me happy

I will always believe in love

I love clouds and sunsets

I love to laugh

I will buy mascara with the hope that at least one of them will actually give me 200% more volume…

 Connect with me:
Facebook: Jennifer Robinson https://www.facebook.com/MADE4THIS/about
Instagram: @ms_prettystar 
Twitter: @ms_prettySTAR

1 thought on “About me”

  1. Great introduction. I love how the little things can describe us so well. http://lilypupslife.wordpress.com/


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