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Hey Sis,

You’ve faced yet another setback, another loss. Another moment where you feel like it’s easier to give up than to keep going. You have things you want to do in life but it seems like you are taking one step forward and ten steps back. I know the feeling, sis.

You know, life will deal you your fair share of challenges. Life can overwhelm you and disappoint you until you don’t have the energy to try again. You can become so frustrated that you ask yourself “what’s the point?” It’s when you start to feel overwhelmed in the struggle that you need to press on. Understand there can be so much value in the struggle. When you are down, this moment is what will create the five year from now you. When you flirted with the idea of giving up, that passion that won’t let you quit is finding its voice; not a quiet whisper, but a loud and confident roar. The struggle is developing a fighter, a survivor, a winner in you.

You know those goals you have? You remember those dreams? They are not IMPOSSIBLE! A delay is not a denial. You just have to find another way. When the road is blocked, create a new path. Don’t let them tell you who you are or what you can accomplish. Don’t let them dictate what goals you can reach. Don’t let them sell you watered down versions of your dreams.

That book? That degree? That business? That hair salon? That non-profit? That grant proposal? That promotion? That dissertation? That research? That church ministry? That mentoring project? That blog? That restaurant? That art studio? That mortgage approval? That approved financing?  Sis, don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done.  But are you willing to work for it? Are you willing to get back up when they said no? Are you going to find another way or sit idle while life moves on? Are you willing to fight for what you want? Are you willing to sacrifice to achieve you goals? Are you willing to endure the struggle to reap the reward?

No one will believe in the power and passion you possess if you are not confident in you. Take the time to build you up, sis.  Surround yourself with people that want to see you win. Create a circle of supporters.  Develop connections and friendships with people you admire. Research what it takes to get there and then…make the plan to get there.

It won’t be easy. It may be the most difficult thing you could ever do. But in the end, when that goal is reached and that dream is realized, you will truly understand the necessity of the struggle.


A recovering quitter