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I am absolutely in love with the term Black Girl Magic right now. I love going to Instagram and searching the hashtag to see my women of color loving the melanin they are in. It is so refreshing. So positive. So inspiring.

Julee Wilson, senior fashion editor of the Huffington Post defined Black Girl Magic as the universal aweseomenss of black women. It’s about celebrating anything we deem particularly dope, inspiring or mind-blowing about ourselves

Sure we can attach the Black Girl Magic hashtag to Gabby Douglas or Simone Biles winning medals in Rio at the Olympics. We can say that Beyoncé, Jazmine Sullivan or Chrisette Michelle slays us with their Black Girl Magic. Awesomely Luvvie, my absolute favorite blogger, sprinkles Black Girl Magic with wit and humor. Shonda Rhimes owns Thursday nights with her amazing Black Girl Magic.


But what about the women around you?

The Randae Dodsons who cast fear aside to move to another state? What about the Derricca Holmes’, Jamisha Wrights or Melanie Cross-Kings that share their gift of creativity and art?

What about the Shell Solomons or Amy Hills that want to share something they love with the world? What about the Tiffany Davis’, Nealia Coleys or Tamika Morgans that go back to school?

What about the Laura Edwards that want to see their communities be better? What about the Sharon Tarvers and Linda Harris’ that survive breast cancer?

What about the Nina Barkers, Alitha Hawkins, Denishia Tatums and Tomika Davis’ that want to share their words? What about the Valerie Trices, Yolanda Coleys, Tomeika Lukes, Elizabeth Holloways, Monisha Volleys, Nina Perrys and other women educators that push our kids to greatness?

What about the Britney James’ that are the world’s biggest cheerleaders? What about the LaManda Jones’, Felicia Hintons, Kechi Davis’ and Denetra Hamiltons that have a passion for nursing?

What about the Ayada Ingrams, Tomeisha Holts, Crystal McClusters and Stacy Cromers that take their health and fitness serious? What about the Chelsey Watts’ that graduate from law school?

What about the Shannon Kings, Emily Powells, Lucee Lou Jankins, Monica Lusanes, Dorthea McKenzies, Patricia Harris’, and Tasha Mables that slay hair? What about the Jessica Pitres or Le’Andra Jones’ that own the gift of make up artistry?

What about the single mothers, students, wives, working two jobs, getting little sleep, pressing, praying, surviving, hustling women?

These are women that surround me, that I know, that I have interacted with, all have thier own brand of Black Girl Magic.

But there are more of us out there. We are everywhere, doing great and magical things. This is not a competition; there is enough room out here for everyone to shine. Support the women around you, encourage the women around you, uplift the women around you. Spread this Black Girl Magic all over the world.

Somewhere along the way, we were told we aren’t enough when we are truly EVERYTHING. You are literally LIFE everlasting. You are God’s vessel. Science can’t explain us. We are magic.-Luvvie Ajayi