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One of my life’s mantra’s is Habakkuk 2: 2: Write the vision and make it plain. It’s no secret that writing is what I love to do. For years I’ve written in journals, poetry, papers, and this blog. Most recently, I’ve started writing short stories and I’ve have a lot of story ideas. I’ve published a book of poetry “But…there’s love” a few years ago and my second one is pretty much finished. If I couldn’t write I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

For the most part, writing for me is a hobby. It’s a catharsis. It’s often how I sort out my thoughts. It’s how I’ve connected to people (hey Randae, Keshauna and Le’Andra!). It’s the way I make sense of the world.  Could I do more with my writing? Absolutely. I’ve been told that for years by a lot of people…friends, family, even my pastor. So why haven’t I? That is the better question.

It’s not a confidence thing; I know I’m good at what I do. I’m not worried about people disliking anything I write because I’m not for everyone and that’s ok. I actually don’t have a reason why other than I just haven’t.  But today a spark was lit under me by my sister. She pretty much asked me why am I not doing more. The short answer is…I am not making time. Between work, school and my kids, my free time is few and far between.

But what good is having this passion for writing, this gift if I’m not going to perfect it, work on it or share it?  I have to make time for this blog, my poetry and the books (come through plural!!). I have to take this more serious.  I can’t let other people push me more than I push myself. I may have to give up some things, sacrifice some things and struggle through some things if this is my dream.

Not that I had to share this with the world but by putting it in writing, I am holding myself accountable. At work we say “if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen”. So this is my documentation: I am dedicating more time to my craft. I am going to push myself. I am going to share my words with the world.