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In order to survive in this life, you have to accept that not everyone is going to like you. Or agree with you. Or support you. Yes it would be ideal to be liked by all 7.304 billion people in the world (yes I Googled it) but how realistic is this?

One of the greatest mistakes people make in life is trying to live for someone else.  Yes our parents, spouse, kids, nieces, co workers may have expectations of us but at the end of the day, YOU have to be happy with your life.

You can’t go around making decisions based upon the comfort and approval of other people

Imagine this…your mama is a teacher. Her mother was a teacher. Your aunt is a teacher. Your daughter has aspirations to be a teacher. Your best friend is a teacher. They all preach the power of education so much until you feel like you have no choice but to become a teacher. But you know your passion is really cosmetology. What good is living to meet the expectations of other people when you are completely miserable?

It takes courage to decided that you aren’t going to be pressured into being something that doesn’t satisfy you. If people don’t like it, well…they don’t have to like it. It’s your life. Let me warn you though.  Everyone that doesn’t support you isn’t against you. Some people care about you enough to tell you when you’re being unreasonable.  Culinary school may not be your strong suit if you can’t boil water without burning your house down.

A sign of maturity is admitting to your weakness and flaws. You cannot be amazing at everything. But that’s not to say you can’t learn a new thing. Work on your shortcomings or build up your strengths. Either way…DO YOU! You have to live your life in such a way that makes you feel proud to be the person that lives your life. Everything will not be peaches and cream. Everything will not line up the way you need it to. But according to India.Arie “There’s a blessing in every lesson”. Use your failures as fodder to build yourself up. To learn something new. Failure is one of the most valuable lesson in life.


If you don’t like where you are…move. If you don’t like the way your life is going…make changes. The opinions of other people can be motivators or lessons. People can point you in the right direction or have you afraid to try. Ultimately the decisions for your life have to be approved by you. So go on…dust off that old book idea. Make that application to go back to school. Start going to the gym. Start you locs. Cut off your hair. Buy the car of your dreams. Start that business. DO YOU and be happy!