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Hi my name is Jennifer. And I’m a Plain Jane.

I’ve never wanted to stand out or be noticed so I dress conservatively. My make up is subtle. My hair color is simple. And for me, simple is safe. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I need to step out of my comfort zone with how I dress and how I wear my locs. I need to do things a little differently. Not really as a confidence booster but because I am tired of the same old thing.

Spicing up my physical appearance (which is a work in progress) made me think about my life in general and what it is I want to accomplish. There are a lot of things I want to do. There are some things I’m working on but its a process. But some things I haven’t even tried to start.

I’m living a vanilla life but I have strawberry cheesecake swirl dreams

What I want to accomplish is hindered by what I’m actually doing. Simple, safe vanilla. But my dreams are of the strawberry cheesecake swirl variety. My goals are much more different and complex. I don’t think dreams are meant to stay dreams forever. What good is dream if it never comes true? I don’t mean a fairytale dream. I don’t have a fairy godmother granting me wishes. It takes effort on my part and faith without works is dead (and Steve Harvey says works without faith ain’t worth a whole bunch either).

It’s quite simple…if I desire something different I have to do something different. My dreams require me to be out of the box. To take a chance. To break away from the safe and simple. To know that vanilla can be good but strawberry cheesecake swirl can be better.

I don’t have a sure fire plan but one thing I do know is that fear of rejection and failure have to be overcome. God declared that I am MORE than a conquerer. So I need to walk in that faith. When doubts creep in, when that little voice tells me that vanilla is just fine, I have to reject that because I really want to taste some strawberry cheesecake swirl. I have to push past doubts. Even if I fail, I can at least say I tried.

But I can’t accept one failure, either. One ‘no’ shouldn’t have the power to turn me away. My pastor has often said rejection is God’s redirection. Maybe my plan was great but the timing was off. This is why prayer is oh so necessary!

It’s never easy to get started but the greater tragedy is to live my life afraid to try. So here’s to taking that first step towards my strawberry cheesecake swirl dreams!