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This particular poem was written for those of us who have suffered from low self esteem. It’s not always easy to look in the mirror and be happy with the reflection. Becoming more confident in yourself is a process that begins with seeing your own value.


What you wouldn’t give
There is no price too steep
To stare into the mirror
And be met with beauty

You tried it all
Yet nothing sates your eyes
No Remy hair or MAC make up
Can create a suitable disguise

Your past has crushed you
Made you question your worth
But you wear an orchestrated smile
So as not to draw attention to the places you’ve been hurt

Understand you’re truly at your best
When you’re comfortable in your own skin
When you can accept your flaws
You’ll find peace and won’t have to pretend

You are worthy to be loved and admired
You weren’t created to be ashamed or afraid
You are a treasure like diamonds and rubies
Because you are wonderfully, uniquely, and beautifully made

Jennifer Robinson

SN: My poetry book “But…there’s love”  is available on Authorhouse, Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobel as a paperback and ebook.